We offer a wide array of services from carpet in homes and apartments, grout cleaning and air duct cleaning. We also offer commercialized prices!

Carpet Cleaning : All our vans carry powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment. We clean both commercial and residential carpet. We only use 100% water to rinse your carpets after treating all the necessary spots and stains, so there is no soapy residue left behind. This residue can leave your carpet feeling stiff and actually attracts dirt back in the carpet faster. Spot or stain removal is no additional charge to our customers. We do however, charge for red stain removal with the permission of the customer. Red stain removal requires different solutions and equipment therefore requiring extra time by our employees to remove the red stain. We can move most furniture in your home. The carpet is then raked after it is cleaned at no additional charge. Carpet Protection and Heavy deodorization/Pet treatment available.

24 Hour Water Extraction and Restoration Services: We are capable of handling most floods within a commercial and residential home. We are equipped to remove any water, carpet, carpet padding, and other affected material. With the help of our blowers and dehumidifiers we will be able to get the remaining water out. We can work with you and your insurance company to get your home back to the way it was.

Upholstery Cleaning: We offer upholstery cleaning on most types of furniture and auto upholstery/floorboards. Fabric Protection & Deodorization is also available.

Tile & Grout Cleaning: Mopping your tile floors will only get them so clean, and in most cases you are just transferring the dirt from the tile to the grout lines. Our superior high pressure cleaning process will break up the dirt and stubborn stains in your discolored grout lines while sanitizing the entire area. After the cleaning is completed and the tile and grout is restored we will seal your grout lines to protect from any spills and dirt in the future.

Air Duct Cleaning: How is your indoor air quality? Do you have allergies or asthma? Getting your air ducts cleaned may have a large impact on your health and peace of mind. The fact is there are lots of things that can contribute to poor indoor air quality and bad smells. Some of these contributors include smoke, pet dander, fungi, and dust mites. Our superior cleaning method has been proven affective on the job. We use a brush system that snakes through your ducts knocking any dust/debris loose and vacuuming it up. Then we have a process to apply a sanitizer throughout the ducts and encapsulate any remaining debris so it does not get blown back into the air.

Area Rug Cleaning: We can either pick up or clean your area rugs on site. We use the same hot water extraction method of cleaning rugs. We are capable to clean most rugs, with the exception of those rugs needing dry cleaning. Pet treatments and heavy deodorization is available.

Carpet Protection: The application of a carpet protector will put a protective barrier on the carpet fibers that will resist staining and wear. Most carpet comes with this protection from the manufacturer, but after some wear this protective layer is gone leaving your carpet more vulnerable.

Rust and Red Stain Removal: We are capable of removing about 99% of all red stains as long as it is a food grade red dye. Our rust removal process is also very effective. The rust and red stain removal process is not included in a standard clean, and is available at a small additional cost.

Auto Interior Steam Cleaning: We use the same steam cleaning process on auto interior cleans that is capable of removing the toughest ground in stains and spills. Whether you got pets, kids, or you’re trying to sell your car, we will be able to make the upholstery look the way it should.

VCT Stripping, Waxing, & Maintenance: We are able to restore vinyl tile back to its shine by stripping the old wax and applying a new glossy sealer. We can also maintain the floor between refinishing.

Ceiling Tile Cleaning: We offer ceiling tile cleaning for restaurants and commercial kitchens where grease, smoke, and dust builds up on the ceiling and needs to be removed. We can also recap the metal grid to have a nice new look.  

Ozone Generator: We carry an ozone generator that is very effective on neutralizing smoke smells and many other types of smells within your residence. This is available for a daily rate.

Commercial Services: Our commercial services include carpet cleaning, VCT maintenance, water restoration, pressure washing, tile cleaning, and air duct cleaning for apartment complexes, commercial and residential property management, restaurants, movie theatres, and professional buildings.

Apartment Turn Specialty: Our Company has had many years experience in the student housing business. It takes an experienced business with trained crews to be able to handle the large quantity of cleaning in such a short amount of time. We are your turn experts.

Pressure Washing: We do offer pressure washing for our residential and commercial customers. We can clean out breezeways, driveways, patios, sidewalks, and siding.

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All of our technicians go through criminal background checks and all of our equipment is contained in the vans.